August 18, 2014


"a portrait, once a week, for the year of 2014"

week thirty six.

you never know how a newborn session is going to go. babies are so unpredictable, but that's what makes it so fun! i had the privilege of capturing the first week of life for dear friends of mine. this little six pound cutie gave us a run for our money, but i captured some awesome shots of daddy and daughter. editing these photos, my heart sank a little. realizing one: i don't have a 3 pound (let alone 6lb) baby anymore and two: never had the chance to take photos of my son and my husband together when he was little. it's photos like these that you want to last forever. so i'm so glad i can preserve these memories for other families instead and my "baby" will be a 9 month chunkier when daddy gets his photo chances.

August 17, 2014

new challenge

even at our wedding, it was one thing i requested. film. i love how classic black and white film prints are and it was a stroke of pure luck that my wedding photographer loves to play with film cameras on the side. some of my favorite shots are from the film prints she gave to us.

well fast forward three years. one year of digital photography under my belt. i took a chance and purchased this set on craigslist this weekend. costed me a whole family session to purchase, but i'm hoping they treat me well. the lady that sold them to be said they were her dad's. he is now 82. it came with everything you see here. two Canon FTb QL cameras. two 50mm, a 28mm, 135mm macro, 80-200mm lens. each with it's own leather lens case, some awesome vintage camera straps, canon lens adaptors, the actual camera manual and this gorgeous HUGE black leather bag that fits all the equipment in.

it's like a very early christmas for me. i can't wait to get some extra time to practice with these and see just how good they actually are. after a little cleaning and ordering some 35mm film, of course. i'm beginning to get impatient. it will be a nice change. a good challenge. for me to take on film.