September 19, 2014

30before30 update

alot has happened in the past couple weeks, in which i'm able to cross more items off my 30 before 30 list:

>> not once, but TWICE i finally had a chance to see Garth Brooks perform live. i got tickets to see him opening night down in Chicago for his first night on tour in the US and then a week later went back down again to see him. i'd go see him a million times more if my bank account let me. :) such an awesome experience, i would have given anything to see him front row and be in on all the action. but he was just as i remember watching him live on tv, as i'd hurry in from helping my parents milk in the barn so i didn't miss it.

>> on wednesdays, it's notorious that i'm always thrifting. i can't seem to help it. scoring baby clothes for $.50 for three pieces, i just can't say no. well there was one afternoon, where an elderly gentlemen was at the checkout paying for his items. as he left, i pulled my cart up to the cash register and looked down. here i saw a $20 bill. it must have fallen out of his wallet. i notified the cashier and she ran the money out to him because i couldn't leave my son alone. a couple minutes later (because yes i bought like four grocery bags full of clothing items), he walked back into the store. handed me a $10 bill and said "thank you, please accept this" with a smile on his face. i didn't want to, but he insisted. i knew right then and there what i was going to do with his money. it was on a sunday morning and i driving after church starving because i didn't get a chance to eat breakfast before we left. i pulled into the drivethru and ordered my meal. i looked behind me and there was two cars, both had an older gentleman and then an older lady in them. this would be perfect time. i handed the cashier the $10 and asked to pay for the gentleman's meal behind me. it was only $4 and some change. i asked the cashier again after the lady was finished ordering, to use the rest to pay for her meal. it covered both of theirs. i pulled around to grab my meal and drove away quickly. such a beautiful feeling. i definitely plan on doing it again sometime soon.

>> lastly, my husband surprised me last week with rosetta stone. i've been wanting to continue to learn more spanish. my two years in high school have left a little in my brain that i can recall, and so i'm excited to learn, speak spanish to my baby and talk to my husband as i continue to expand my spanish vocabulary. :)

September 18, 2014


even if it may seem like i'm always so down on most of my posts, it's not always that way. i have my moments, which seem to occur more often now with a little one, then i care to admit.

but i have many reasons to be thankful, but i just don't take enough time in the day to look for them. lately i've been beating myself because i'm just not good enough. for who you ask? for myself. i have such high expectations when i start out the day. each week i write out every day what i want to accomplish. clean baby bottles, pack the diaper back for the day at work, make sure the dog is fed, the lawn needs grass cut today before it rains, those dishes aren't going to clean themselves, same goes for the laundry, how long has it been since i've cleaned the bathroom? my mind just continues to run and doesn't seem to ever stop.

i need to stop that. rewind and start over. let's begin again. i have a healthy body, a wonderful husband who does everything in his power to make life a bit easier a world away, i have a beautiful baby boy who continues to never stop growing before my eyes, i have a roof over my head, and food (when i get the chance to cook) in front of me. these reasons and more i should be listing off instead.

i can't do it all. each day it different. and yet i still can't do it all. but each day is a new day that we are given. a day to give it your all again. to try and make it the best day yet. even though it seems like it may be worse then the day before, find the good. in something little. a smile on your loved one's face. the last piece of cake just waiting for you to enjoy. take it all in because God gave you this day exactly the way it was, to live in it. the good and the bads, they all make for a wonderful life.