February 27, 2015

first birthday invitations

i have dreamt of his birthday, since the day we found out we were expecting. back in elementary, my school was having a book fair and book sale. i found "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne for $.10 and fell in love with all the illustrations. i have kept that book in my bookshelf ever since, and brought it back out along with a couple other books that i purchased antiquing to bring his first birthday party to life. these invites are simple. i took a photograph of one of the images of the book, photoshopped it and printed it on cardstock at home. i am happy the way they turned out, a little vintage, a little classic pooh, and whole lot of love went into these.

kraft envelopes: Hobby Lobby
white cardstock: Walmart
green twine: Walmart 
wood washi tape: Hobby Lobby
classic pooh stamps: eBay purchase 
black ink: Walmart
Johnny Cash stamps: USPS

February 26, 2015

eleven months

crazy how in just one month, we will have a one year old. time has flew, and i know that is probably something i have said every month of his life but it's true. cannot wait to celebrate his first birthday next month too! let the decorating and pinterest dreaming begin.

this little one has quite the personality and it shows more every day. he is very vocal and loves to babble. he has finally began to sign back using baby sign language. he knows how to say "milk" "dog" "hi" "more" it's so fun to see him respond back. makes me so proud to see him understand and this will help with having a lot less tantrums so he's able to communicate easier. at least i hope!

he loves listening to daddy play guitar and bounces up and down and shakes his head side to side when he hears it. speaking of which, daddy is his new best friend. they spend every day together during the work week. but soon he will be going to daycare and daddy back to work because  leave is almost up.

4oz bottles just don't cut it anymore. lord does he scream bloody murder. so it's 8oz in the morning and night and try to get away with 6oz ones during the day. he has fruits in the morning, protein in the afternoon and veggies in evening for dinner. still a good eater. we tried to warm up the proteins, and he wasn't a fan. so room temperature solids it is.

still making no attempts at crawling or walking. but he has mastered his walker. running into the dog's water dish and getting the floor all wet. pulling towels down off the stove and trying to open up cabinet doors. we are in for it once he starts to become mobile.

he has cut his fourth tooth too, man are they brutal. still in 12 month clothing but slowing working our way to some of the 18 month ones. over 18 pounds now and moved to a convertible carseat. he has big boy status now!