January 9, 2016

one year ago

this weekend, my husband and i were cuddled up on the couch watching a TV series, i admittedly got him hooked on. the last episode of the season showed a newborn baby birth at a hospital and i started to tear up. usually he just makes fun of me at how emotional i get sometimes (almost all the time) watching movies or shows. but this time he brought me in and squeezed me tight. i started to sob. it's been almost two years and it's still hard knowing that he missed out on our son's birth being away on deployment. it's a "one of life's greatest moments" and it had to be shared by FaceTime. although i am thankful for that, it still doesn't make up for not being there in person.

seeing your 3lb baby for the first time. finally holding his tiny little body days later. spending those long nights in the NICU with other moms & dads for about a month while recovering from a c-section. he missed out on all those moments we could have shared together. so i sobbed in his arms for longer than i imagined i would. i'm not sure if those feelings will ever get any easier but glad that he has been home with us for exactly a year now. watching our son grow up into a toddler, and sharing new moments together. like this afternoon: he had said "i love you" to him and Beau responded back "i love you". normally when i ask him i normally get a "muah" response. but with daddy he gets the real thing. moments i love to watch, remember and hopefully make up for past memories missed out on.

December 6, 2015

Review | Nûby Active Sipeez 2 Handle No-Spill Stainless Steel 360 Degree Flip-it Clik-it Cup

things have started to slow down here, i'm hoping i'll finally get back into my blogging routine now that i don't have wedding and portrait sessions to catch up anymore. and of course my nice cameras are in for their annual cleaning, and i feel totally lost with out them.

any who...first and foremost, we are still a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger Program and love each new product that comes out.
here's the most recent well loved product:

the new Nuby Active Sipeez 2 Handle No-Spill Stainless Steel 360 Degree Flip-it Clik-it Cup:

this cup has daddy's approval written all over it! for one, it keeps his milk cold longer. granted if the boy is thirsty enough he will down the entire bottle at one go, but it makes it a wonderful travel cup when we went back up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. it also has a weighted straw, for the kid that thinks he has to tip back every sippy cup. this is great because he won't get frustrated trying to get the last sips out.

Nuby has come out with more Stainless steel products and we are excited to add them to our collection. durable, easy to clean and the no-spill are great to have with an almost two year old around the house.

their new line can be found at Babies R' Us and you have to go get one for your little one as well.

I am a part of the Nuby Parent Blogger program, where I receive products in exchange for posting a review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.