○  re-decorate/update a vintage trailer & take it camping
○  go out to eat & only order dessert
○  attend Oktoberfest in Germany
○  see my favorite sculpture (Winged Victory) in person
○  unplug for an entire week (no electronics)
○  know the basics on my DSLR camera
○  finish my wedding scrapbook
○  take an interior decorating class
○  learn Spanish
  run a Color Run
○  decorate over-the-top for a large get-together/dinner party
○  pay off my student loans
○  get buzzed during a plane ride
○  see a broadway play in NYC
○  complete a project 52 (a-photo-a-week) challenge
○  go skydiving
○  pay for the car behind me in the drive-through
○  design and get another tattoo
○  learn how to dance to a Coyote Ugly routine (Copperhead Road)
○  decorate a professional looking cake, fondant included
○  try pasta in Italy
○  shoot a buck
○  see Garth Brooks & George Strait live in concert
○  get a puppy
○  star gaze in the back of the truck, with pillows & blankets
○  own a Harley Davidson motorcycle
○  do a Tough Mudder
○  own an old farm house
○  become a great two-stepper with the husband
○  be called a momma