October 21, 2011

[Home-made] Meals

So now that we have our own apartment, I finally have the confidence to try my hand at actual cooking. 

One of the husband's favorite breakfast dishes is: Biscuits and Gravy.  This was my first attempt, and it turned out awesomely-delish!

Created my first batch of home-made English Muffins. They took a very long while to rise (a couple times) but so worth it in the end. So much cheaper too!

That same afternoon, I guess I was just a bit too ambitious with my cooking, that I forgot about the turkey bacon that was in the oven. When I finally realized it, they were very burnt/crunchy "chips". 

Before this year, I would have no idea what this thing was. One of my co-workers has a large garden and she was able to share some of her Spaghetti Squashes with us. I roasted my first one and made Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

 Last but certainly not least: Ginger Pear Bread.  Another one of my co-workers has a large amount of pears coming from her family's pear trees. So I took just a couple and made these babies. This bread is super addicting and I could sit and eat half a loaf in one sitting. I also sprinkled some sugar on top of them to give them a harder crust. It was a hit at work, and I even sent the second loaf in the pictures through UPS, attention: My Husband. He should be getting it today! 

I look foward to cooking/baking some more, but definately looking for a bit more "healthier" recipes. If you have any, please share! I'd love to try them!

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