November 21, 2011

Cookie [Day]

So each year, the weekend of opening day for Deer Hunting. My mother, all her sisters, her mother and then her sisters, plus some additional friends get together for what we call "Cookie Day".

Since newly married, I count as my own now. :)

We all get together, bake how many we'd like to take home with us, un-frosted cookies. This year I made my first batch of Gingerbread ones.

We then go all out decorating all of the cookies: with different colored frostings, sprinkles, decorating frosting, you name it!

We have such a blast, joking about the deformed cookies, how a tractor-shaped cookie actually looks like a bunny, etc.  You get the picture.  Laughs were had the whole while!

Here is the result, we've scaled back from a couple years ago. We'd have a good 4 card tables full of them.

Also we do what is called a "cookie-exchange". This is where each person brings a half dozen cookies for each person (13 total, minus themselves) to share.

I was planning out weeks in advance which cookie I wanted to share. Well turns out my cookie wasn't necessarily a "cookie" but it was still a hit. I'll upload my "cookie" in the next post! Stay Tuned!

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