December 20, 2011

Back to [Work]

So I'm back from Texas, with my husband in hand. 

Apparently I didn't take many photos when I was down there. I got into San Antonio at 10:30pm. Woke up the next morning at 6am to bring my Husband to his class. I went to work out in the gym, drove around base to know where everything is. When he finished, we went and did some Christmas Shopping. Had a barbecue with some of the people in his platoon. Went out that night to a dance hall called "Cowboys".

This is where my husband finally taught me how to two-step.  By the end of the night I got kind of got the hang of it.
This is the only picture I got of the two of us down there.

The next morning, the husband had his last day of school, aka lots of briefings. I ran some errands, laundry, packing, got his truck oil changed and such. Met up with his Grandparents who made the drive from Del Rio. We went out for dinner that night, seafood. Not one of my favorites. 
This is the husband eating his first clam, or whatever slimy thing that was.

Spent the rest of the night packing up everything. So much for a relaxing vacation right? :)

We pulled the 21 hour drive back, in one day. Left at 5am in the morning and got to his parents house (because it was closer then our apartment) by 2am.

I only ended up driving about 3 hours total. My husband did all the rest, in his HUGE truck that apparently didn't have cruise anymore. Lucky us!

Our drive consisted of watching Netflix, starting with the first episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and a couple comedy shows. Thank god for Netflix, I don't think we would have lasted that long of a drive without it.

We stopped only to get gas and to eat lunch and dinner. But one stop in particular was hilarious! It was 9pm at night, we stopped to get gas, and my husband brings the follow up to the check out:

-3 slim jims
-a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos
-5 hour Engery Drink
-a Huge bottle of water
-a Minute Maid Natural Energy Juice Drink (for me of course)

Can you tell we had been driving for too long already? :)

I'm glad to have him back home for a while. It's going to get some getting used to our old routine, and him having a 2nd shift job. But we'll make the best of it!

How was your weekend everyone? I'd love to hear. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blogs. I will soon! Promise!


  1. I've been to Cowboys before!! Was he at Fort Sam?

  2. Ahh, long drives. Craziness isn't it!! This summer I drove from UT to SC with my parents and my two little boys. Nonstop. It was ridiculous!! We all took turns driving and sleeping. Not fun!!!


  3. WOWZERS, cant believe you two did the drive in one day thats crazy but glad to hear you are back together and settling in getting ready for the Holidays.