December 23, 2011

Our First [Christmas Tree]

We finally had some time last night to decorate our little tree. This was a "hammy-down" from my husband's mother.  If she didn't give us this tree, we probably wouldn't of had one at all this year.

All the presents are wrapped, and I have to make the attempt to put them all into my little car tomorrow morning. :)

One of the wedding gifts we received from a couple I used to babysit for, gave us a ton of adorable Christmas ornaments. The first picture is one of them: Our First Christmas! 

This star doesn't quite go with the ornaments and such, but I found it at Hobby Lobby half off, and I couldn't resist.  It's both my husband and I's decorating style. :)

I'm getting excited to spend some quality time with both sides of the family the next two days. I hope everyone else has a wonderful holiday season! I can't wait to see how everybody's went!


  1. Your tree is adorable, and it looks like you guys hit the present jackpot!!

  2. Have a wonderful first Christmas together!! : )

  3. Any Christmas Tree is better than no Christmas Tree at all, Its perfect. I love the star on top as well. Hobby Lobby is the best store ever isnt it!!!

  4. I hope you had a great Christmas together! I like that you mixed your ornaments :)