January 3, 2012

Currently in [January]

Currently Counting Down To: My Birthday. 27 more days to go!
Currently Laughing Over: nothing, sorry not a light/funny mood at the moment
Currently Broadening: Web Design, trying to figure out how to tweak it
Currently Concluding: a 3 day weekends, goes way to fast
Currently Reading: One Day
Currently Thinking: I'm in need of a nap
Currently Favorite Movie: The Help
Currently Saving All Our Pennies For: Our honeymoon, hopefully Oktoberfest in Germany
Currently Wanting To Travel To: Texas again
Currently Wanting In My Cupboard: Cool Ranch Doritos
Currently Wanting To Learn: How to speak Spanish
Currently Drooling Over: a pair of TOMS
Currently Confessing: I'm addicting to my new phone
Currently Listening To: Hell on Heels-Pistol Annies
Currently Obsessed With: Blogging :)
Currently Comedic Genius: New Girl
Currently Addicted To: the ginger pear bread I just made this weekend
Currently Fantasizing About: my next vacation
Currently Sad Because: it's another start to the work week
Currently My Motto: Keep My Head High
Currently Dreaming Of: buying and decorating an actual house of our own
Currently Needing To: clean our bathroom
Currently Yearning For: a day where I can just create/sew
Currently Want To See In My Closet: a new top
Currently Enjoying: my phone
Currently Have A Girl Crush On: Emma Stone, just saw three new videos with her in. She's awesome!
Currently Shopping: for a dress for the husband's Dining Out this weekend
Currently Discovered: my drive to work is going to get even worse with more snow/ice
Currently Creating: a baby quilt for my cousin-in-law & friend, whom are both expecting
Currently Resolving: to get back to working out, i know how clique
Currently A Few New Blogs I'm Loving: Peace Love LaurenDaily Bruski, & Frills for Thrills

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  1. This is really fun I might have to borrow it and post on mine blog if you dont mind!!!

  2. What a great way to let us learn more about you. I'm currently thinking of a nap as well:)

  3. Aww.. Thank you so much for linking up!! I love reading these, cause I learn so much more about you guys!! Awesome! Thanks again! :) And if you ever need help with the Web Design, don't hesitate to ask. I'm here if you need me. :) But it looks like you're doing pretty darn good on your own. :)

    All The Love In The Universe

  4. aw girl i love the Help too! amazing movie. love all these!



  5. Dontcha just love hell on heels?i love their music!

  6. Oooh...I hope you get to go to Oktoberfest! It's so much fun, and the food and beer is to die for...the ultimate indulgent experience :)