January 16, 2012

New Pant [Sizes]

So when my husband left for his Army Training  (BOLC) down in San Antonio, I had to get myself into a routine living by myself. 

I had a pretty good one going, and it involved going to the gym at 6am M-F and sometimes after work too, to do ZUMBA. Which I really enjoy doing, and look like a complete idiot trying to dance and shake my behind. :) 

The gym that I belong to has an actual "movie theater" that I can run for 30 minutes and watch "Stupid. Crazy. Love" at the same time. It's awesome!

But regardless...I actually saw some real results, which included me thinking of what I am consuming and cutting back on my portions. I realize now, that I am not able to eat like I could when I was a Freshman in College. If only we had that option. :)

I actually lost 15lbs. I went from 145 to now I'm currently about 128lb. It feels great, I know it's not a HUGE visible difference, but my pants are sure proof. I HAVE to wear a belt with everything, and I never thought I'd fit into a pant size smaller then a 6. Crazy.

I'm so excited, but I'm slowly falling back into my old routine. The husband now works 2nd shift, and the only quality time we spend together during the week includes some: ZZZZZZZ's. So I'm hoping to jump back into the routine I made when he was away. Here's hoping I can get those muscles "toned".

Has anybody else had any luck with working out? What are your secrets?

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  1. I hear ya loud and clear! I gained 15 lbs when I started my blog a few months back... and pants I once wore with belts had started to get a little snug... I cancelled my gym membership for lack of time and started running outside in the fall, but now that I can't run anymore, I'm forcing myself to eat and cook healthier. It's working, slowly but surely!

  2. Congrats! Its amazing to see what good old fashioned exercise and healthy choices make, you look great!


  3. That is awesome! 15 pounds is a big deal!!

  4. For sure watching what you eat and cutting back on portion sizes helps alot and with Staying active and working out. Doing those two things together will get you on the road that youve been following to a healthier life style. But seriously girl you look great!!!! I've been doing zumba and spin the last few months now on top of my running and feel so much better about myself. I think the way you feel about yourself (during & after your work outs ) is just as good if not better than loosing weight. Your beautiful and dont stress about it!!!!

  5. I have always wanted to try ZUMBA! I love dancing! :) Amazing job on the weightloss, I have been telling myself i'm going to get in shape and lose weight for months... I can't find motivation or support from anyone though.. :/

  6. That is awesome. Congrats. It is so nice to see the results of hard work!

  7. Holy moly that is awesome! That is definitely inspirational :) I need to get back to working out too, and Zumba is SO MUCH FUN! And I always feel like I'm gonna drown in sweat afterwards. My only tip would be to keep up the zumba and download a workout app on your phone or something, that's what I've slowly started getting back into. Anywho, I'm a new follower on bloglovin and hope you come check me out too!


  8. so fabulous! do you go to gold's gym? because i know they have a movie theatre in there too!!
    xo TJ

  9. Whenever my fiance goes away, I always work out more too. It helps pass the time. For a long time, I would only run. Now i'm trying to mix things up and actually really want to try Zumba. But, 15 pounds, that's seriously impressive! And such a huge loss!

    Hope you have a great week!


  10. Wow that's great! Your pants are practically falling off! And the movie theater while running sounds amazing!! Where is that?/

  11. Good for you! So far my only workout method that I stick with is having a workout buddy and Zumba. If I sign up for a class, I make every effort to make it, instead of being lazy.

  12. You look fabulous, great job! I have really wanted to try zumba :)

  13. i used to have a workout routine... three years ago ha! if someone posts a really great secret to working out/losing wight/toning please pass it on. maybe i can get off my lazy bum once more.

    mrs. dtf

    p.s. 15lbs. is basically amazing. go you.

  14. that is so awesome! great work!