January 31, 2012

Wedding [Reception]

The last most EPIC POST of my wedding. Mostly in pictures:

My reaction is priceless as we walk into our reception, of how many people were actually there to celebrate our wedding:

The Chaplin said a prayer and we ate. The Husbands's choice: bbq pork, mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. :)

Throughout the wedding, if guests wanted us to kiss (instead of clanking their glasses)...they had to share a story about either of us. There were some doosies. This was my husband's idea as well. Lots of laughs throughout dinner.

Our first "dinner" kiss.

Ha ha, this is my husband for you. He brought in a saber to cut our cake.

Love our reaction. We had red velvet cake for us, but to be honest...it was not good. Tasted like it may have sat out for a day or so before. :(

Our first dance.  "Love Your Love The Most"-Eric Church.

Father-Daughter Dance. This song I actually picked from a local country band (Chasin' Mason), and it was perfect. I highly doubt anyone else would have dance to this song.

Mother-Son Dance. "Simple Man" Lynnard Skynnard.

This would be the best man and my college-friend bridesmaids. They are always a hoot!

 My new "neice-in-law".

My girl college friends and the best man again. :)

Wedding March: "Smoke a Little Smoke"-Eric Church. We all wore shades, my husband's idea too. :)

Heck yes I know how to dance to Cotton Eye Joe! :)

The most epic picture of the night. This is my husband literally sliding in to get the garter. :) He's awesome.

We had a whole "Grease" dance line going on. It was phenomenal.

I guess it's a tradition, we karaoke sing to "You Don't Have to Call Me Darling". The couple to our right, we had done the same thing for their wedding just a month before. 

A lot more singing and dancing. :)

Last Dance. "In Color"-Jamey Johnson. 

i love him so.

Last kiss of the night.

Hope you enjoyed them! :) I love to relive the pictures over and over again. 

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  1. So so beautiful Whit! You two are adorable together.

  2. Loooooove these! So, so beautiful. The love you guys share just oozes through the pictures...it's incredible. The sliding/garter picture is priceless!

  3. awww! looks like you had a blast! and you picked some good songs!


  4. Oh my goodness so amazing. :) And I love that you had Eric Church playing too!! He's the man.

  5. You two are so perfect. I loved seeing your picture! I'm sure it was a fantastic wedding to be at! Gets me super excited for mine ;)

    <3 Sheryl

  6. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Looks like you two had a BLAST!!!!!!!! What fun times, your hubbs has a huge personality and it def. shows!!!! Yall are to cute together.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like an awesome wedding!

  8. Awww your pictures are so beautiful!! It looks like everyone had a great time too!


  9. These are such great pictures! Your husband had some really cute ideas for your wedding. I love when the guy gets involved in wedding planning too :-)

  10. Just stopping by to say I awarded you! =D

    Here at the blog

    xoxo Jessa

    PS Gorgeous photos of a beautiful couple! You look amazing Whit!

  11. such great pictures! looks like y'all had a fabulous wedding reception. so much fun!

  12. Great pics! Love your first dance song! One of my favs! New follower.


  13. So sweet...makes me want my wedding day {in nov.} to hurry up and get here!

  14. So beautiful! Love the sword, so funny. You are both adorable :)

  15. Beautiful photos!! <3

  16. aww you are so beautiful! All of those photos are gorgeous!

  17. You look gorgeous! Love your dress :)

  18. Not only did we have the same flowers..we had the same cake stand! How awesome are we? ;)

  19. i love your sheer surprised expression to see all the people at your reception. and the tenderness between you and your hubby on your last day. perfection!
    xo TJ

  20. All of these pictures are absolutely stunning!! :)

  21. Oh my your husband seems like a joker especially with that sword.. beautiful pictures!

  22. OMG these pictures!!!!!!!!!
    They are so so so sweet.. You can really see how you all get along and interact together.
    They are all seriously precious!!

    It looks like your reception was a good time! :)
    I would have been MAJOR scared to open up the floor for stories about my hubby and I! hahaha
    We were wild. And more than half of our wedding reception was in a fraternity in college.. hahahaha soooo yeah.

  23. omg. these pictures are so incredibly sweet and stunning. adore your blog, love. totally following. can't wait to read more. xo

    Small town girl takes on the LA fashion scene.

  24. You've won me over. I'm officially becoming a follower of your blog. :) Love the pictures! They're absolutely perfect.

  25. You look like you are holding back tears in near every photo!! You two look SO incredibly happy it's almost ridiculous!

    and LOL@the photo of you two 'gettin down', haha!

  26. It looks like you had sooo much fun! Those are the best weddings!! I also hope I get some of the special moments captured as well! I love the two bottom ones because you can see the love you two share! AWW makes my heart happy!!