February 21, 2012

Family [Blogs]

Hi blog-world.

Stopping in quick (at 11:30pm) put 77 hours in this last week, but I just had to share something with you.
One of my cousins-in-law has started her own blog called 

This purdy little lady is a momma-to-be NEXT MONTH, engaged and just a whole lot of fun!

I'd love for you to go check her blog out and give her a "follow".


  1. hi there! ur so sweet to stop by! it seems like u've been super busy but so happy to know that ur still here in the blog world! <33

  2. I miss you bloggie friend and hearing how your doing. The new job sounds like its keeping you on your toes for super long days. Are you enjoying it though ?!?!? (the job of course not the long hours.)

  3. Cool I will add her.. I hope you find more time to blog.. miss you!

  4. yay, love finding new blogs. she is adorable!
    xo TJ