March 21, 2012

A [ex] Co-worker Craft Day

So the last place of employment, I had gotten to know my co-workers for almost 2 years. And even if everyone doesn't work together now (due to the entire department being laid off) we can't help but still get together.

I was lucky enough to get my last Saturday off of work! A whole full day, and it was the day they planned to do a "craft day". Worked out perfectly.

The day was filled with a lot of laughs, some wine and desserts, and a lot of crafts!

Someone almost fell out of their chair. :)

I have some lovely friends and miss them. So glad we can all still keep in touch!

 I tried my hand at making a necklace for the first time.  This is how it turned out! I was super impressed with myself and hooked.

Needless to say I went to Hobby Lobby that night and got myself a starter kit. Can't wait to start! :)


  1. SO fun! I love get togethers like that! xoxo A-

  2. Fun crafty days are always enjoyable!!!! Glad your able to still get together with the lovely ladies you met!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Crafting is the best :)



  4. hahaha that first pic is hilarious.
    so cool that you still hang out with your (ex) co-workers :)