April 11, 2012

Antique [Stories]

When I was in elementary school, I purchased a book for 6 cents, called "Now We Are Six" by A.A. Milne. It's about Christopher Robin and of course Winnie the Pooh. I fell in love with all of the drawings and illustrations.

I recently came across this book again that I've kept in our storage unit, and did a little research on it. Come to find out there are actually 4 books in this set.

So thus my antique adventures of searching for the other three begins!

I actually found one other book of the set at an antique store this weekend! Lucky! and I found another earlier printed version of my same book, with the cover in tact yet, half off. DOUBLE SCORE!

And of course I couldn't go home without a Disney story book filled with tons of the classic Disney stories. I hope I get a chance to read these to my niece soon! :) If not, the husband will have to do. ha ha


  1. I was taking a college course on children's literature and ordered Winnie the Pooh on Amazon. I just picked one that said it was in good condition with no writing in it, and when I got it it was a hard back copy printed in 1961. It's in great condition and I'm so happy I got it. We ended up not ever reading the book in class, but I have a pretty nice copy of one of my favorite stories, so I think I got along pretty well. I love old books!

  2. Oh how I love me some Disney! I have tons and tons of books at my parents that will one day come to me and my children and I plan on reading them everyday just like my Dad did for me.

  3. Im such a sucker for kids books, I always say I want to start now on a collection for our future kiddo.