April 3, 2012

He's a [Natural]

We finally got to meet baby "Reed", of my cousin-in-law.

She actually started blogging to, if you would like to check her blog out: A Blondes Home Brew

My husband is a natural. And I hate to put this out on the blog, but a got a little "baby-flutters" as I pictured what it would be like if we had one.  Guilty. I know. :)

Luckily, baby Reed was asleep when we got to hold him. This is how he slept with the husband. Adorable right? :)


  1. C'mon guys he's growing too quick! we all need a new baby to google over! ;) just kidding! but i like how short his "pant" leg is! lol

  2. Awwwww! So cute! I feel the same way about my husband, he's great with babies and little kids. =) xoxo A-