June 28, 2012

Camping List

So every year on the Fourth of July weekend, the husband and I have made an annual camping trip. That includes tents and tubing down the river.

This year is just the same.  Let's just say I am a bit excited, and started planning this a month in advance already.

Hense the picture of an excel file checklist:

Here's a typed list:

-Portable Gas Grill/Stove
-Propane Tanks
-Skewers/Grill Fork
-Grill Brush
-BBQ Lighter
-Coffee Pot
-Coffee Mugs
-Table Cloth
-Table Clips/Cords
-Plastic Cups
-Plastic Silverware
-Paper Toweling
-Paper Plates
-Tooth Picks
-Cutting Board
-Table Knives for meat
-Knife Sharpner
-Large Spoons
-Potato Masher
-Can Opener
-Bottle Opener
-Measuring Cups/Spoons
-Vegetable Peeler
-Cheese Grater
-Mixing Bowls
-Potholders/Oven Mitts
-Tin Foil
-Plastic Wrap
-Wax Paper
-Ziplock Bags (lg, sm)
-Extra Plastic Bags
-Plastic/Glass Containers
-Garbage Bags
-Dish Rags 
-Dish Towels
-Scrub Brush
-Dish Soap
-Plastic Tubs (2) for dishes
-Ice (dry and bagged)
-Coolers (lg, sm)
-Canteens/Drink Cups
-Harley Can Cozies (of course)

-Screen Tent
-Extra Stakes/Repair Kit
-Extra Tarps
-Water Repllent Spray
-Zip Ties
-Wrench Set
-Screw Driver Set
-Pillows (3)
-Blankets (3)
-Sleeping Bags (2)
-Air Pump for Mattress
-Outdoor Mat (for shoes)

-Swimming Suit
-Running Shoes
-Flip Flops
-Water Shoes
-Tee Shirts
-Tank Tops
-Rain Coat/Poncho
-Boots (rain)

-Body Wash
-Hair Brush/Comb
-Toilet Paper
-Feminine Products
-Face Wash
-Hand Wipes
-First Aid Kit
-Shaving Cream/Razor
-Nail Kit (clippers, tweezers, file, etc.)
-Small Mirror
-Bee Sting Kit
-Safety Pins

-Newspaper (start fire)
-Roasting Sticks
-Pudgie Pie Makers
-Lighter Fluid
-Glow Sticks
-Small Broom/Dust Pan
-MP3 Player/Holder
-Video Camera (extra dvds)
-Folding Table
-Folding Chairs
-Collapsible Drying Rack
-Clothes Pins
-Card Games and more outdoor games
-Portable Radio
-Extension Cords
-Sprayer for Hose
-550 Cord (essential, per husband)
-Duct Tape
-Bungee Cords
-Mosquito Spray
-Bug Repellent Candle
-Cash/Quarters (for shower)
-Credit/Debit Cards
-Phone Chargers (wall/car)

This is just the list for my husband and I. Do any of you have a list you take camping? I'd love to see them! Anything I don't have on this list?


  1. Holy moly that's a lot! I hope you have room for it all! Although I love that your eating fantastic stuff:) Hope you have a blast.


  2. that's a hilariously long list! too funny girl!

  3. you know i've never been camping...at least NOT in the great outdoors..love your list! enjoy the planning process!!

  4. so much planned this is incredible! have fun!

  5. Haha! I am just like you --I make a spreadsheet whenever I travel, even camping! I even do photos of what I'm going to wear. :P

    I hope you have a fabulous time on your camping trip. That sounds like it's going to be fun!