July 17, 2012

A Weekend Wedding

Man, I feel so far behind and so out of the loop in the blog world.

A couple weeks ago, we headed way up "nort" for the husband's side of the family wedding. Which he was a part of the bridal party.

It was so good to see his side of the family again, most it hasn't been since our wedding (LAST YEAR). Crazy right?

I caught a good couple shots with my camera throughout the day.

 The cousin-in-law's little one. Ain't he the cutest?

 My handsome date and I, doesn't pink look good on him? :)

Best picture of the day! This is my other cousin-in-law's daughter. She is such a ham.


  1. Great pictures! You look so pretty!

  2. Love those little kids. And yes, hot pink is a good color for your husband haha

    Good to hear an update from you!

  3. Great photos! You both look wonderful!

  4. These pictures are great! The last one is precious :)