August 3, 2012

[First] Friday Letters

Dear Farmers Market- I'm excited to meet you for the first time tomorrow. 
Dear Excess Apartment Crap- please pack yourself.  
Dear Sneaky Mice- I know you are here and you are leaving your trail around the kitchen counters and the rest of the apartment. I just ask that you leave all the boxes laying around, alone. 
Dear Captain America- Thank you for being a wonderful distraction to packing. 
Dear Fifty Shades of Grey- I'm not sure if I should purchase you, I guess you cause quite a stir and I'm not sure if i'm ready for that kind of reaction. 
Dear Scrapbook- please forgive me, you are going to have to wait a couple more months for me to start you. Even if I have put you off for the past year and a half. :) 
Dear Husband- I hope you are having a grand time at your AT training. 
I miss you.

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  1. no don't read them-i have not-but am not jumping on that wagon! Hope the packing sorts itselr out!

  2. I read the 50 shades series. and loved it (while recognizing that they are not the best books in the world). the story got me hooked.
    just found your blog and happy that I did! looking forward to following along

  3. Just found your cute blog! you are darling!