August 28, 2012

Moving Up

I love how life works sometimes. A co-worker of ours owns a house and turns out she was willing to rent it out from her starting September first.  Almost all month I have been moving things into the house by myself, with the help of my parents one weekend. The husband was gone away from training and when he came back, everything was in the house and unpacked. 

I had to finish cleaning up the old apartment so it's ready for the landlord. It wasn't too bad. I don't know how we lived there with so little room. We have so much room now in this house. I'll take some pictures and upload them soon.

But it was a bitter sweet moment as I left the apartment. I got a little emotional because it was our first apartment, a lot of memories were made there.

But it's time to move up and onto bigger and better things, and trust me blog-world. I have some exciting news to share soon! :)


  1. So excited for you guys! (yay for exciting news too...oh the anticipation!!! lol)

  2. Congrats on the move! Can't wait to hear the news!

  3. So exciting! We just went from an apt to a house and it's amazing!!!

  4. How exciting! Congrats on the new place!

  5. It was hard to leave our first home together as well. So much tied into one place!! I bet your loving your new place though and all the wonderful memories you will make there!!

  6. Awh! This was before I started reading your blog. (:
    KC and my first "home" was living with his parents so I wasn't sad to move but he was... and here we moved right. next. door. WHATWASITHINKING?!