October 14, 2012

Cheap Halloween Decor

Dollar Tree has the most fantastic Halloween decorations this year! I was so excited to share my mantle.

The pumpkins and the skull were from the Dollar Tree and I spray painted them metallic sliver. They look so much better after painting them!

Even these little skeleton guys were a buck for a string of them.

Of course, Harlee had to help.

I even got her to sit in front of the fireplace, for about 5 seconds. :)

 These little pumpkins were at the Dollar Tree too, they flicker like an actual candle too, when turned on.

I splurged on a crow. I wanted a really cool looking one, and Hobby Lobby had this guy! He was worth the $6.00 :)


  1. Cute decorations! And your pup is just too cute.

  2. Love the decorations! Looks great :) I need to step up my Halloween decorating, I may have to make a trip to the Dollar Tree!

  3. Your mantel looks great! I especially love the silver skull!

  4. I LOVE your decor and Harlee is so so so cute!!!

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