December 13, 2012

Poor Baby Girl

The husband and I work two different shifts, and on Sunday night as I stepped into our closet to grab the pj's for the night, I saw this. It looks like a tornado had hit it. How in the world did we let it get this way? Thankfully, the husband went through on Monday and graciously picked it all up and sent them to the cleaners! :) love him.

The past couple weeks have been real tough on our little girl, Harlee. First she had giardia, which she had gotten from her daycare most likely. $100.00 for a trip to the vet and medicine for two weeks. Found out she hadn't been given her heart worm medicine last month either, two more doses of that, $20 more, check.

Worse part is that she couldn't go back to daycare to expend all that pent up was rough. Finally when she began to feel better, after a week and a half she could go back to daycare.  Come to find her when she'd come home whining as she scratched her ear.

The husband sent me the picture below, as his way to keep her from scratching. :( 

Another trip to the vet, $94 later in medicine, this little lady now has a very bad ear infection. Poor baby girl, all she wants to do is cuddle. I can't say no to that, as we both relax on the couch watching new episodes of Two Broke Girls and New Girl. Two shows we thoroughly enjoy. :)

This is her whining in the vet office, and lays down 
to try to get a peek at what's under the door. :)

If this isn't practice for when I become a mommy, then I don't know what is. Either way it's great practice becoming a pro blogging with only one hand as she snores on top of the other. :)


  1. Oh man!!! Poor baby girl. I know how expensive vet bills can be and somehow the always need a trip to the vet either right before our vacation or during the holidays. Our Rickles doesn't have the greatest timing, but when they are sick, they are sick. Hope she is better now!

  2. awe poor babies!! Vets are so expensive... hope she feels better soon!!!

  3. Poor thing. Vets are expensive. I know I'll be spending a lot of money on the vet as I prepare for my dog to come back to Hawaii with us.

  4. That is the worst when your fur baby is having it rough. You want to help but you can't. :/

  5. :( I hope she is feeling better, poor thing.

  6. yep. it's totally practice. but poor thing! hope she feels better!
    well i am new to your blog and glad to be following now! :)

  7. I was feeling all sad for Harlee and then I read Two Broke Girls and New Girls and instantly got happy! I love those shows :)
    Back to Harlee, I hope she keeps getting better and better!

  8. I love your sweet pup!! Hope she is better soon, I hate it when the "kids" are sick. :(