January 18, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Husband's Work: I'm not too thrilled for you to have him work all weekend long, we rarely see each other one weekdays (when either of us are asleep).

Dear Photography Hobby: I'm excited for Saturday's engagement session with an adorable pup. Don't worry blog, I'll post pictures when I'm finished editing.

Dear Baby Fever: You need to take a chill-pill. I don't know what has gotten into me, but I'm almost to the same level as my husband on wanting a little one. I think it's all these friends who are due soon.

Dear BirthdayYou are only a week or so away. I think the husband has something sneaky up his sleeve...or so I hope. :)

Dear Antique Store: I'm exciting to visit you soon and scope out some cute baby props for some upcoming bambino sessions. :) Maybe a cute wash bin, or wooden crate, the possibilities are endless!

Dear George Strait Concert: I am so pumped for you next month, the pandora playlist hasn't went a day without rest at work.

Dear 2012 Scrapbook: You need to get me motivated, I'm falling behind and it's always so hard to catch up.

Dear Potential New Church: I am kind of scared to go to your service for the first time this Sunday alone. I really hope you are a good fit for me. (it's one of my goals to attend sunday services for this year, at least once a month)

Dear Harlee: I love that you come into the closet EVERY single morning as I get ready. You lay at my feet so I can't move and I have no other option but to scratch your belly. It's a nice morning ritual.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. You have a scrap book for each year too!!! How crazy so do I. I am super behind though. It's definitely a lot of work. Hope you have a blast on your photo eng. set! So jealous. I've always wanted to do photography but I have no clue where to start. Have an amazing weekebd wHit <3

  2. Oh have a baby! All the "cool" people are ;)

  3. Boo that your hubby has to work all weekend. :(

  4. Oh I am so excited for your session with the pup! Those are my fav! You and me both with the baby fever girl!! I am jealous of your antique store trip!! Let me know what you find!! fun!!

  5. damn baby fever hahah its gotten all of us!

  6. I love reading everyone's Friday letters, I'm so going to have to jump on the band wagon_!!!_