February 13, 2013

A puppy kind of love.

i love my puppy. I said it... Who would have thought that this little girl would bring so much joy to our newly-wed life. One of my favorite moments was just this past Saturday night, where she laid on my chest for over 2 hours, snoring her little puppy butt away.
She has showed us that we work well together as a team, the husband and i. Getting me excited (anxious) to have little ones of our own. I dream of the day where our kids and the dog are laying on the floor together, eating their cereal and watching the morning cartoons. It's days like that, that i yearn for.
But as for tomorrow, she is my valentine. Baby, we are so glad you are part of our lives. The husband get's his turn on Friday at the George Strait concert. ;)


  1. That first picture is so sweet! :)

  2. You're such a good mommy to her! <3 So sweet! Puppy love

  3. So stinkin adorable, They really are like kids!!!! Happy Early Valentines Day!!!!

  4. What a cute big puppy she is! Love seeing you two on Instagram :)


  5. it's amazing what they can add to our lives!!

  6. AH! Love her!! My Klutchie is the same way.. he loves to lay on me. :) They are the best. P.S. Have fun tonight girl!

  7. omg your dog is so cute!!!
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