March 27, 2013

Spring Blog Swap

Stormy at Life's a Dance and Katie at Tomorrow, with a smile have created a Spring Blog Swap and I jumped at the opportunity! Two blog swaps in one month? I was feeling ambitious! :)

This month I was partnered with Brittany from Chronicles of a Mrs. whom is actually expecting and soon to be a "Momma" in the next couple months. We emailed frequently, chatting back and forth and writing novels to each other. :)

Here is what I received from her, for our Spring Blog Swap:

A beautiful card with a written letter inside.
Picture frame, waterfall scented tea candles and a birdie candle holder.
Office supplies! This girl can never have enough! sticky pads, paper clips and magnetic note pad.
A calla lily plant kit! SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS!
And some spring decor, this will be hanging from our front door soon, once the white stuff finally disappears for good! :)


  1. I love these blog swaps! So cute! This month was my first time participating in Kaitlyn's Cara Box and it was a blast.