April 4, 2013

never have i ever...

Never Have I Ever

Today I'm partaking in something that helps to relive those good ol' college nights. Friday, Saturdays, Tuesdays...whatever day of the week was always time to get together with friends and enjoy some adult beverages. Those nights would sometimes include this beloved game.

4 years later, here's a more "mature" version.

Never have I ever

+ been to a tropical getaway (husband and I have yet to take a honeymoon, anywhere)

+ considered myself a "girlie" girl (yes I was that kid with the boyish clothes, rocking a Chicago Bulls tee back in the day)

+ bought a lottery ticket (never think luck is on my side enough to buy one)

+ mastered the art of swimming (i'll sink like a rock)

+ drank a cup of coffee ever (just can't get over the smell and the thought of a drink being warm)

+ enjoyed getting pedicures and manicures (I will fight this one to the end! There is just something about having other people manipulate your feet/hands that makes me uncomfortable. I can never relax.)

+ smoked a cigarette (other than trying our wedding cigar with the husband, those don't count)

+ felt comfortable wearing shorts (there is just something about them that makes me not want to sit down in them) 

+ gone hunting (hoping to change that this fall, hunter safety class here I come. Next stop a bow!)

+ had sushi (ingesting those rolls just makes my leery)

+ went into target for one thing, and only came home with that "one" thing

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  1. We haven't take a honeymoon either! Ugh maybe one day lol.

  2. No way!! I love coffee and sushi and you need to get that man of yours to take you to a tropical beach!! I'm with ya on Target but I can only go once a year! That will change, soon! We are supposed to get one. LOVED this post!

  3. We haven't had a honeymoon! I'm hoping for our one year anniversary we can go somewhere for a weekend just the two of us. I've also never tried sushi. Totally agree about Target, every single time!

  4. if we want to only come out of target with what we need, the only hope is for me to stay in the car. lol. even then, my husband LOVES the clearance section and many times it doesn't work.

  5. hey i found you through the NHIE link up! I can't believe you've never had coffee. I legit have to have my cup every morning or i get upset:( so yummy. Sushi i definitely agree with you on that so gross looking and i've heard of people that have died from raw fish.. no thank you! & omg manicures and pedicures are my absolute fave but i understand i could never be the manicurist i absolutley hat to look at feet!
    -Annastasia Zink

  6. This is a fun link up! I thought you were about to go junior high on me for a second and play it the way I remember haha! It's kind of impressive that you've never drank a cup of coffee

  7. I'm dying to take hunter's safety! Someone has to supply my belly with venison sausage and hot sticks! Yumm! And I to have never drank a cup of coffee! Can't stand the stuff! I'm a frap & cappi girl all that way!

  8. I can't believe you have never had coffee!! How do you make it through the day?! But I can so relate to the target thing! I'm pretty sure over half of my paycheck is spent in there!


  9. The Target one is dead on. No one leaves target with just what they came in for. Great list! Thank you for linking up with us!

  10. Wow I don't know what I'd do without coffee or sushi in my life!! I couldn't agree more about Target..it's like a money pit!

  11. Wow! You've never had coffee!
    And the Target thing?! How can you not walk out with more then one thing?!

  12. I've done all of these, except gone hunting. Never will either! I used to hate coffee, but I found out a way to make it, where I love it! I tried sushi, but HATE it. Yuck!

  13. Love your list! I don't like manicures either, never had sushi, and I know what you mean about the shorts. I have been hunting with my dad when I was little and I hated it! Not going again, thankfully my husbands not into that. Thanks for linking up with us!