May 10, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Harlee:  Why are you all of a sudden not eating your food? Since when in this family have we become picky? Is something wrong? You seem normal, as normal as a dog can be.

Dear Mom: I'm excited for our "lovely" brunch on Sunday at the Texas Roadhouse. Can never say no to meat and potatoes early in the afternoon. You raised us right.

Dear Safe Haven: I have yet to see you, but I don't know if I should splurge and just go out and buy the movie. Or wait  until any Redbox in the area, has one available (which won't be for another month at the rate we are going).

Dear Rain: Go away, I had plans to plant some wildflowers in the backyard and do a little yard-scaping with the husband. Guess sitting on the couch and watching movies is our back up plan, can't complain.

Dear Cinco de Mayo: I am glad we still have left overs yet, I haven't cooked ALL week, and probably all weekend yet. Awesome.

Dear Moscato: Your sparkly-ness is calling my name. At nine in the morning? It happens. Often. ;)

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  1. Have an amazing weekend Whit!! :)

  2. mmm moscato - have an extra glass for me! I LOVE meat and potatoes!! :) I can't wait to see Safe Haven too. Have a great weekend lady! PS. LOVE that top photo and I hope Harlee starts eating!!

  3. Harlee is so pretty! As for Safe Haven, I'm waiting for Redbox but if you see it before then I'd love to know what you thought of it! (I'm also going to make KC watch it with me... he doesn't know this yet.)

  4. ahh harlee eat dude eat!! food is good for you. wait for redbox, it is only a month later!! have a great weekend girlie, catch you on instagram!

  5. Your pup is adorable!!
    And cheers on the wine. I've got some pink moscato champgne myself :-)

  6. I want to see Safe Haven too! I will wait though, or just buy it on the dish. Ha ha have a great weekend!

  7. I got the last of my seeds planted yesterday about 30 minutes before the rain hit and I'm so glad I did because now they're getting nice and wet and I don't have to water them :) Happy weekend!

  8. I heard Safe Haven is really good! I would wait and buy it ;)