July 16, 2013

House Tour: Office & Guest Bathroom

I don't know if I would even consider this an actual "office". Harlee's room is probably what it should be called. That's her couch, where she sits and stares at all of the cars, people, other dogs go by.

If it's one thing in this room that I love more than life, it's my iMac. Seriously the best purchase I made within the last two years. I bought the largest screen Apple could offer, it's bigger than some TV screens. This is where I do all my editing for my side photography business.

I am a little OCD when it comes to organizing, and the office closet needed some help. Thank god for label makers. I love our file drawer, it has helped keep our bills where they need to be, and if I need to look back at something, they each have their own folder. I am in seventh heaven, when it comes to bill time (minus the paying money part, of course).

Also Harlee's kennel, which she never uses anymore, serves as our catch all station. Good use right? The husband proudly displays his Basic & AIT photos in here as well. I also added a snapshot of our guest bath, it's right off the kitchen.

Couch: Landlord's (free to use)
Couch Pillows: Target ($12/piece)
Desk & Chair: It's actually a Target dining set ($150)
Curtain: Target ($15)
Bathroom Decor: Wedding present (free)


  1. Cute computer desk! :) I like how simple and cozy your office looks... mine needs a little remodeling!

  2. I love everything! The computer is awesome.

  3. I love how simply the office area is set up! Using it as the dog's room is also a great idea!

  4. I LOVE all of the tile in your house but I'm so jealous of how clean it is! Especially when it comes to Harlee! With Lucy and Cinnamon coming in and out of the house my tile & grout is in need of a deep cleanin'!

  5. My husband also has all of his basic pictures in his office. Must be a military thing ;)

  6. I love how simple but nice your office/doggy room looks. We need to find room for an office in our place. and probably a doggy room, too. haha! our stuff is just thrown everywhere.

  7. I always joke with my husband that when we buy a house, our dogs are going to have their own room complete with doggie bunk beds. :)

  8. Everything looks so nice and organized!! It looks great!