August 27, 2013

bits & pieces

I have so many photos to share that are all just waiting to be displayed, on my desktop computer. Hopefully by next month, I will be able to catch up. But for now, I wanted to share just a little snapshot of them.

My blogging trip down to Chicago with Sara, went wonderful. So much good food, so many things to see, seriously not enough time in a day.  I'll have a couple posts coming soon to recap everything that we did.

Also my niece came to visit with my in-laws, and last night really tugged on my heart strings. As my niece slowing started to doze off to sleep, Harlee came and snuggled in right next to her. There she stayed the entire rest of the night until morning. This moment had my mind run in complete fast-forward and I got a snapshot of what life could be like for us, many years down the road. It get's me quite excited, not going to lie.

I've been trying to catch up on my photography as well. So many fantastic images to share, just not enough time to post them all. If you'd like to keep up just a bit more, you can check out my Facebook page account, I do post sneak peeks for my clients, in the mean-time.

Within the next day or two, I will be on my way down to good ole' Ft Sill, Oklahoma and visiting the husband for almost a week straight. So thankful for the ability to take off work, and spend some quality time with him. So I hope you understand my abstinence for a few days or so.


  1. I LOVE the cowboy boots shot!!! We never got a ring shot and now you have me all jealous!!

  2. those cowboy boots are awesome and i loved seeing all your photos from your chicago weekend looks like you had the best time!

  3. I was going to link your fb account to a post i did in le blog world but i wasn't sure if you wanted that! haha now i know it's fine! ;) Love looking at your pictures! You have sucha creative eye!! And might i add, niece A was very excited to go back to "Aunt Whitney's house". :)

  4. Have so much fun with your husband! Love the ring shots you capture. You are so insanely talented!