August 9, 2013

friday letters

Dear Saturday: I'm so excited but there are little nerves a-brewin' too, for my first wedding to photograph, solo.

Dear Motivation: After this weekend, please come back. Those horrible chocolate and burger cravings have to subside. I know I need to eat better and start back running.

Dear Car: How in the world, after less than 2 weeks you are all full of dog hair again. Maybe this is a Harlee problem instead?

Dear Budget: Let's hope I stick to you! Sad when the husband asks what you want for an anniversary gift, and I say a credit card paid off. :) Ok, not sad, but smart!

Dear Harlee: you have been quite the brat, diva, and other choice words lately. I am only one person, please lose some of that pent-up energy.

Dear Husband: I'm sorry I have yet to get you anything for our anniversary. One because you have no actual address to send anything to yet. and Two, cotton is a hard gift to figure out. :) (the traditional 2 year gift) But I will miss being with you on Tuesday, guess we are making this a tradition now.

Dear Duck Dynasty: I'm so flippin' excited for Wednesday. Probably even more than our anniversary. Is that bad? Let's hope the husband and I can both watch the episode together, even though we are many states apart.

Dear Photo: This photo has been taking off on Pinterest, over 400 pins from just my original pin. How awesome are some of my Husband's photo ideas? I love this one I took!


  1. That is an AWESOME photo! Super cute idea!!
    Good luck with your wedding tomorrow!! I know you'll do awesome! Have a great weekend!

  2. You'll do great on your first solo wedding. I LOVE that picture!!!! Very creative. Sorry you're spending your anniversary without your hubby again this year, but you'll have many many more together. Have a great weekend!

  3. First of all, I LOVE your blog.
    Second, I photographed my first wedding in March. First ever. By myself. So I was a newbie doing everything. I wasn't getting paid (it was a favor for a friend who couldn't afford a photographer). But, you will do fine!!!! :)

  4. Hey I am having a giveaway on my blog! There are two days left and only 8 people have entered so your chances are pretty good!
    Head over to to enter!


  5. Ohhhh I'm excited about Duck Dynasty too!!!!

  6. You will do amazing tomorrow!

  7. So excited for you tomorrow! You will do great! I wish we lived even closer! You would be hired in a heartbeat! Luke & I are so excited for DD, too. :) Have a great weekend! {And keep trucking along on your cc, you'll get there. :)}

  8. Good Luck at the wedding!!!!! I can't wait for Duck Dynasty on Wed. Night, I'm SOOO STOKED!!!

  9. The photo is so dang clever!
    I'm sure you will do wonderfully at the wedding!
    Happy Duck Dynasty watching! :-D

  10. Okay, good -- I'm not the one super excited about Duck Dynasty. :D

  11. Lovelovelove this photo! Too awesome!