August 19, 2013

instant bond

I have no idea how all the moms, the dads, the grandparents and more do it but one full day with my niece and both Harlee and I were exhausted.

I've heard it's a lifestyle change, and you really don't see it as anything different when it's your child(ren). But just jumping into it for one entire day, really wore on me. She was so much fun, and I was constantly playing with her: from her barbies, to her tea set, to playing fetch with Harlee and her, and more. Non-stop from 6:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night.

But my favorite part of the weekend was when she wanted to take pictures. She saw me with my DSLR and wanted to try. Thankfully my husband and my brother-in-law (her daddy) bought me a Canon Rebel XS a couple years ago and I use it as my backup for weddings. I had her put it around her neck and show her where the button to press was. She immediately held it up to her eye and shot. From that first click, it was an instant bond. She loved it and numerous times we were out in the backyard taking pictures of Harlee's dog toys and the wild flowers. I am hoping to collect some of those images and share them with you all. She was pretty good for not even a 4 year old.

I had a family photo session this weekend too and she came along. The camera around her neck and always by my side. I think I've hired my first assistant.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I sure did!


  1. Aw I love that she wanted to take photos! :)

  2. Love this!

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  3. I always hear the same exact thing when we have aunts/uncles and friends watch the girls. I guess you just get used to be exhausted... LOL
    Such a cute shot of your niece! V did the same thing with my camera over the weekend!

  4. How sweet! I'm so glad you had a good time. I'm excited for you to look at her pictures, I'm sure there are some good ones in there.

  5. How adorable is that? She looks like a natural. :)

  6. love this photo, she seems so sweet! and she has a wonderful teacher to show her the photography ropes

  7. This is absolutely precious! So sweet that you bonded over that :)