August 15, 2013

man behind the blog

the husband doesn't make a lot of appearances on the blog, but since he is away and we communicate a lot through text messages. i thought it'd be fun to bug him today with these questions and link up to The Boys Behind the Blog. enjoy his short, sweet and to the point answers. can't tell this man is in the military at all...

1. What would you do with $1,000,000?
a lot: pay bills. buy land in Texas. invest. travel. and get masters.

2. What is your dream job?
own a hunting store

3. Who is your celebrity crush?
Jessica Biel

4. What is your favorite sports team?
hook em' horns (Texas Longhorns)

5. What was your AOL/AIM screen name back in the day?


  1. your husband looks so handsome in his dress blues! I want pictures of Paul done like this!! Happy Thursday friend!!

  2. he's like my husband when Dave did it. Short and to the point. Definitely Army boys!

  3. What a great sport! :)

    Semper Wifey

  4. What is it with men and them loving Jessica Biel??? My husband loves her too :)

  5. My husband also loves Jessica Biel. Must just be a guy thing.

    I've been trying to get Dalton to do a blog post, and I almost have him convinced, haha.

  6. Hahah tweeter how did he come up with that name?? love his answers, although i think celebrity crush his answer should have been you!

  7. That's a great picture of him! My husband would do exactly the same thing with the money. I'd have to steal some to do some shopping..

  8. Love this post! :) Yay for land in Texas.

  9. What a handsome guy you have there! Must run in the family ;) haha miss you hope you are well!!

  10. Love this link up & that picture! Such a great picture of him!