September 13, 2013

friday letters

Harlee: you have given your mom quite the week. from a viral infection, to ear infections, to seasonal allergies, to jumping out of a moving car's half rolled up window. you scared me half to death, but thankfully came out with a skinned-up bottom lip.

Easton Corbin & Blake Shelton: get ready, there are three army wives ready to get their party on tonight, right up next to the stage! :) you bet i'll be rocking my cowboy boots.

Husband: there is always something new that you continue to update me on, and i hope we at least get to spend some time together over the next year and half plus that you may be away.

Wedding: this Saturday will be a blast, hanging out with some of the close group of friends i had in high school and seeing one of my best guy friends get married to the love of his life. i hadn't seen him since my wedding over two years ago and he's been away for the Air Force during most of that time in between.

New Church: i have enjoyed meeting so many new people and services at an old opera theater. my hopes to become better friends with them as the months go on. god knows i could use a couple friends that live close by.

New Girl & Nicholas Sparks: both in one day next week, i can't wait to see the new episode and read the newest book!

Fall: let the family and engagement sessions start up again. i can't wait to photograph many new clients!


  1. Awe Harlee you little munchkin. Give your mama a break would ya! You are too cute though. I want to come to the concert with you. Please. :) Have fun!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm always so scared Caesar is going to hop out of the car. That's a nasty looking chin scrape, but glad that's the worst of it.
    I wish you could photograph us. I can't wait to see how your shoots turn out!

  3. One time, our bigger dog tried to jump out the window, when we were taking him and his brother to the kennel to be boarded. Silly dog!

  4. Poor thing! Our dog Sophie has tried jumping out the window before. :/ She also has some sort of allergy. We know she is allergic to fleas, but I'm pretty sure she has seasonal allergies too. She always gets really bad in the spring and summer. She loves winter. Lol

    I can relate about church. We have been living in NC for almost two years now. We have found a church that we really love, but meeting people is tough. I'm hoping the small group we are about to join will help with that. Good luck with meeting people! :)

  5. Oh poor Harlee, what a crazy week!

  6. Aww Harlee girl! Enjoy your concert tonight!!

  7. Ah crazy week with your girl! Glad she walked away with just a skinned chin. Poor baby. Oh and I am jealouuuuuus of you and that concert. Seriously!