December 15, 2013

wine, cheese, and great friends

one of my dear friends is getting married in the beginning of the year next year and so the rest of her bridesmaids and i went out to celebrate with her this past weekend. it was a very low-key, relaxing night. our first stop was The Ruby Tap. i have never been to such a place that gives you a credit card almost and lets you chose your own wine, how much wine and it dispenses it right in front of you. unfortunately this lady didn't get to enjoy a glass or two this time, but that doesn't mean i don't want go back after May. they also had an array of different meats and cheeses. you bet i ordered almost everything on the menu to try: goat's cheese, raspberry ale cheese, and more. they were all delicious.

our next stop was at Arte and Wine and Painting Studio. this place was a dream for me. i haven't painted since high school and rarely in college, so it was great to have a paintbrush back in my hand. what's even better was that you can order delicious appetizers and of course wine while you paint. you have options of over 20 paintings to go off of or you can create whatever you'd like to. putting a little more pressure on myself, i chose to paint on my own. this little canvas will hopefully be going up on the baby's nursery gallery wall (whenever we get to it).
here's our masterpieces. lastly we headed to a beautiful french restaurant called Le Reve. unfortunately it was a bit too dark in there for me to bring out my camera and annoy everyone with a flash. so no pictures were taken, but the food did not disappoint! and the dessert? to die for. i had a raspberry dark chocolate dome and it was gone in less than 2 minutes.

the whole day was so fun and great time spent with great friends. i was so happy that my new 35mm came in time. all these photos were captured with it, and i have a feeling it won't ever leave my camera now. sorry trusty 50mm.

all locations are in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


  1. What a fun place!! I love your painting!

  2. What a great girls night! I love that you stopped at a paint studio, so fun! I love your canvas too. I switched from a 50 to a 35 awhile ago, and it never leaves. It's an incredible lens to have! Have fun :).

  3. So fun! You were pretty close to us! :)

  4. I'm not a painter or artist, but I've always wanted to do something like that!

  5. this is so fun , were can i learn to paint like this _?