March 4, 2014


"a portrait, once a week, for the year of 2014"

week eight.

a weekend with no plans, but things on my to-do list around home piling up. but who can say no to puppy cuddles on the couch on saturday mornings. she is always the best at them and she even had her paw wrapped around my leg. always brings a smile to my face.

even if she isn't the most coordinated and finds herself running straight into the wall after running full blast in from the snow outside. she's the most perfect companion to bring comfort when loneliness starts to set in. also feeling those baby punches/kicks inside make me realize that soon our cuddles will soon have another addition, we are going to need a bigger couch.


  1. She is such a cuddley dog!! I can't wait for baby to be here because you know she'll be snuggling up with him or her.

  2. I won't lie, I totally love when my cat wants to snuggle. She's normally more crazy than a crack addict, so it's refreshing when she sleeps on the bed with me.

  3. What a sweetheart. She is going to love that baby so much!

  4. So sweet! Love puppy cuddles!

  5. I love it ! I loved cuddling with my pup when I was pregnant. Does she ever lay on your belly like she knows a baby is in there? My dog got super protective over me when I got pregnant.