March 19, 2014

week thirty

seriously guys, only 10 weeks or less left. how crazy is that? i've been avoiding countdowns but realizing that we only have that many weeks left is something that can't be avoided.

this week baby passed "with flying colors" on their blood and oxygen levels. i guess there is an upside to weekly ultrasound appointments, i get to watch at baby for 30 minutes straight while the techs measure.

for the rest of the week, i took my last flight as a prego lady to the good ole' land of Texas. San Antonio to be exact, while my husband had a couple days of leave. we soaked in the warm 70 degree weather, relaxed by the top-level hotel pool, stuffed our face with so much food, popped many tums (this lady), and spent some quality time with good friends, newly made friends, and family members.

i got my first case of swollen ankles as we walked around Sea World for over 5 hours, and you bet i took advantage of my husband and a foot massage or three. clearly as you can see in the picture that he captured of me, i was less than thrilled to have my photo taken. i'm slowing beginning to beat myself up because i'm putting on the pounds now, and i can see it in my face and arms. i know this is only temporary but i still have the right to complain endlessly to my husband.

baby has begun to really push back and i can feel my stomach tighten as they use those little arms and legs. mainly legs, right up near my rib cage. baby has been head down for almost the entire pregnancy so far. the husband thought it was so cool to see half of my stomach bulge out because that was where baby was and the other half almost indented because there was nothing there.


  1. Wow time has seriously flown by, so glad baby is doing well!

  2. You're looking beautiful as ever, and a great photo! So happy to see you spending time with you hubby. So excited to see life with your little one soon :).

  3. 10 weeks?! When you say it like that, that sounds so soon! May sounds farther off. :) So excited for you!

  4. You look fantastic! And do pre-natal appointments really take that long?

  5. You look great!! Can't believe you have 10 weeks or less left. So fast!