June 27, 2014

three months

where did those three months go? my arms are growing some muscle carrying around this 11 pound chunk. comparing photos of him to when the week he was first born, he has filled out a lot more in his face. and chicken legs and arms are a thing of the past.

he is staying more alert during the day and loves staring at moving ceiling fans, bright lights and the occasional person. i have yet to get a full smile out of him, but i'm hoping soon.

tummy time he doesn't mind at all, he held up his head for almost 5 minutes at one time last week. i was so baffled.  newborn clothes are no longer baggy, and most don't even fit and are packed away with his preemie clothes for good. though 0-3 month still have some give.

he loves to listen to people talk. he gets quite when the husband and i facetime. we are in size one diapers, and momma's couponing stock pile is still going strong! he may grow out of all of them before i can even use them all, which is okay.

sleep is getting better! he has a bedtime routine: bath, bottle, pandora music and sleep. i have even gotten him to sleep in his crib for the past two nights. he usually falls asleep between 9 or 10, and doesn't get up until 2 or 3 for a bottle. then falls right back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours. it's fantastic. sleep is a beautiful thing, especially when i don't take any naps during the day. my hope is just to be purely exhausted i fall right to sleep, which happens most days.

other than that, he is starting to make cooing noises and they are so fun to hear. i can't wait until he has more of a voice, but i have a feeling he won't ever stop then. ha ha. keep growing little man.

it's so fun to see you change each day.


  1. So adorable! He's grown so much in what seems like such little time!

  2. He's too cute. When graham was little I could only use pampers swaddler a on his because of his little skinny legs

  3. He just keeps getting cuter! :)

  4. Whit he is just beautiful!! Look how he has grown!!! PLEASE come visit. ;)

  5. He is getting so big!!! I am so glad to hear he is doing good and growing. Those leg chunks are perfect.

  6. Adorable! Those chunky thighs are definitely kissable!