June 16, 2014


how is that possible? my first (fur)-child is two today. it has been an eventful two years, filled with numerous carpet cleanings in the beginning, endless dog poop and the best cuddles. she has become such a good dog. she listens so well, and i love to watch her head tilt when you say the words "go" "are you hungry" "walk" "daycare".

she has been my protector for over a year already since the husband has been away. i feel so secure having her next to me at night, and laugh when i wake the next morning with her head on my husband's pillow. she has adjusted well since our little man has been born. granted she hasn't received enough attention and she lets me know, she's been fantastic. i can't wait to see him grow up with her. i know they will be best friends as he gets more mobile and can move around.

i'm so thankful to have this lady in our lives and can't picture life without her now. she has such the personality and she's definitely is a momma's-girl pup. tonight Harlee, we celebrate with a homemade dog cake, a new bone, a couple new toys she picked out at PetSmart, lots of couch cuddles and belly rubs. we love you so much goober!


  1. I just love her! Precious girl!

  2. Such a sweetheart!! Happy Birthday Harlee!!!! :)

  3. What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday, Harlee!

  4. Harlee is so cute! Dogs definitely become furry children, I don't know what I would do without my furry child :)

    Happy Monday
    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

  5. Love celebrating doggy birthdays! They are the best little companions.

  6. Awe LOVE her. So glad you have her!! Happy Birthday Harlee!!!