July 29, 2014

Daily Routine

i'm so thankful that my four month old (technically 2 month adjusted) has a routine. numerous people have asked and i thought i'd share what a day looks like for him and i. finally getting the hang of this single parenting thing, some days it's hard but we get through it.

6:15/6:30: he starts to stir in his crib. i open the blinds to let the light in (let him know it's finally morning) and i have to get a smile out of him before i pick him up (that's a mandatory mommy rule). changed into his clothes for the day and 4oz bottle is given. we say our good mornings to "daddy" (the daddy doll i have next to his changing table).

6:30-8:00: play time. most of the time he's laying on his play mat or hanging out in the bathroom while i get ready and make myself breakfast and lunch for the day. so thankful he's content just laying around.

8:00: we pack up our stuff for the day (if we are headed to work). depending on the day he normally sleeps in the car ride to work, or takes a nap on his play mat during this time. nap doesn't last more than 30 minutes.

8-9:30: more play time. he could sit for a couple hours just looking around at everything in his swing.

9:30: bottle time. another 4oz.

9:30-12:30: dozes off and on a bit, but for the most part i try to get him to stay awake. more swinging or practicing standing and sitting up without neck support help.

12:30: another 4oz bottle. it's funny how these were the times he was fed in the NICU and he has stayed with them.

1:00-4:30/5:00: we either take a car ride to do errands or a stroll around in the jogger sitting in his car seat. he's normally sleeping fairly quickly after he is put in his seat and is good and out for a couple hours. i know he needs a nap around this time because he gets fussy if i try his swing or set him down on his mat.

5:00: most days i have to wake him up around this time. he gets another 4oz bottle and more play time, working on tummy time, or he's at the YMCA and the fantastic ladies there keep him awake while i attend BodyPump class. it's during this 2 hour time, where i have a little "me" time. i'm so thankful for the government to still have this 6 month program for deployed solider's families, offered at no cost. it's my only time to get away for the day and boy do i sure work my butt off. :)

7:00: we are a fussy baby. i usually get away with not holding him much throughout the day, but to make him last until bedtime. i carry him around with me and do odd and end things around the house, like getting his bath ready or putting away dog toys.

7:30: bath time! every night. his favorite time of the night. i place him on the changing table and take off his onesie, he smiles so big because he knows what's coming. i start my pandora music shuffle, get the water running. i sing to him and he loves to listen to me and sometimes makes cooing noises back. i do a bath every night, because i think it helps him understand: he gets a bath. he gets his bottle. he goes to sleep for the night.

7:45/8:00: we are dried off, lotioned up, and pj's are put on. i normally have to put a onesie and then a fleece pj. still no air conditioning running in my house too. he's hands get so cold he wakes himself up during the night. if he's nice and warm, he's good for the night. i give him his last and biggest bottle of the day, a 6oz one. all the lights are turned off in the room, the blinds are closed. the pandora music is still softly going on the background. i have a rocking chair in my room that i only use to feed him during this time of the night. i hum the music to him as he takes his bottle. it's momma's favorite time of the night, to relax and enjoy the peacefulness.

8:30: he is tired. most of the time he's almost asleep, but if not, i place him in his crib for the night and he puts himself to sleep before 9:00 (no crying). but not before i dance a little around the room with him on my shoulder and put my cheek up to his face and kiss him goodnight.

since the beginning of this month, he's been sleeping straight through the night, but i still find myself waking up at 12:00 and 3:00 like i did the first month he was home. i don't get up and check on him, but it's so hard to fall back asleep. i normally check my phone for messages sent from the husband, since it's his afternoon time over there. Harlee normally comes up and lays next to me after 3:00, when she gets up and has to go potty and check on the backyard (brat!). but i'm thankful i have someone or something to keep me company for a couple more months. sometimes he'll stir at 5:00/5:30 in the morning. i can hear him lifting his legs up into the air and making some small noises, but i let him fall asleep until 6:30 and we start our routine all over again.


  1. Girl, it looks as if you have a great routine down. Good for you!

  2. You have a great routine! :)

  3. At least the NICU had a good side effect of getting him used to set feeding times. Your routine is great!

  4. You've got a good handle on this! You go mama!

  5. You're doing great! I wish I had known about a routine when I was a first time mom. That bed time part is especially important!!

  6. You've got a great routine going! We PCS'd last month, so my little one's routine flew out the window. I'm working on trying to get her back into the swing of things.