August 21, 2014


so often, i get this urge to cook, like cook-cook a dish you see on the food network channel or something. when i was pregnant, that urge disappeared all together. i was so lazy, quick gas station food haunted my dreams at night. although now, since finally getting into a routine with my little guy. he's given me an hour or two during the night that i can make myself a nice dinner. normally this would be shared with my husband, but now it's leftover for the next couple days, which i can't complain much about. the husband is a fantastic cook. has a mean hand at the grill. so making a dish like this, really makes me wish he was home to try it out with me. to prove i have some skills besides baking, when it comes to the kitchen.
this dish, i felt was just screaming for a blog post with pretty pictures. (roasted chicken thighs with tomatoes and mushrooms) it was outstanding! so easy! paired it with a side of wild rice & quinoa, a touch of feta cheese, and a tall glass of milk. with a couple cookie dough Oreos for dessert (couldn't resist). i ate the entire package in less than a week. by. my. self. cue some quality gym time in the near future as a result.
but i digress, enjoy some mouth-watering photos.


  1. Looks yummy!! i love anything with mushrooms ha

  2. Yum looks delicious! Just a word of advice, I've heard that the acidity in tomatoes can ruin a cast iron skillet if it's not coated with enamel!

  3. Yum!! That looks awesome!! I need to get myself a cast-iron skillet!!