October 16, 2014


it is real blog readers. i have a bad case of baby clothes addiction. and Instagram does not help my case. i created his own personal account for his outfits (@whatbeauwore) if you are interested. i cannot go a day without looking at the most adorable handmade tees from mommy after mommy who advertise all over my Instagram feed. i figured with all the money i saved thrifting most of his wardrobe, i can splurge on some of these items. or at least that's how it's played out in my head and talks me into pressing "checkout" without a second hesitation. i'm sorry but a baby in jeans is just the cutest, even if it is a struggle to put on these "skinnies". when i see him rocking an outfit with the most adorable pair of tiny converse high tops, nothing makes me more happy. okay, i'm exaggerating a bit, there are a couple things that would make me happier: i.e. daddy coming home, kisses from that daddy, a well-rounded home cooked meal by that same daddy. can you see where i'm going with this? anyways, i thought i'd profess my addiction love to baby clothes shopping online, for all to see. to keep me accountable so that maybe, just once, i talk myself out of another adorable tee. or on second thought...


  1. I totally get it. As weird as it sounds, I'm a cloth diaper addict. I started cloth diapering to save money, but I've found myself shelling out massive amounts of money for fancy diapers lately.

  2. I love checking out what baby beau is gona wear each day, he always looks soooo cute!!!!

  3. I'm so jealous of all the cute stuff you find! I need to find a thrift store that has more options because so far all I've found is stuff that's cute but not what I'm looking for. I love that he has all these little tshirts and jackets! All I'm finding is sleepers and the cutesy type stuff instead of things that will make him look like a little person. I think you saving money from thrifting definitely makes up for buying all those other clothes ;)