October 26, 2014

seven months

we are slowly running out of room on his rug, to fit his entire body in the photo. :) seven months already. time is flying. the leaves are changing and we are gearing up for his first halloween outfit. which momma of course found at the thrift store for $.60 ha ha

he still sleeps from 7:00pm until 6/7:00am, which you would think i'd get a good night's sleep. wrong, somehow the dog thinks it's her turn and gets me up to make sure the backyard is rabbit free at least once a night. he loves to sit in his walker, though his feet are quite long enough to reach the ground, he still manages to push himself backwards a little.

he loves his solids, and we haven't a one where he's spit it out and didn't like immediately. momma has a feeling he will be a bottomless pit just like his daddy and there won't be much he doesn't like. fingers crossed. he hasn't rolled over to his tummy much, and during tummy time he's slowing getting those hands out in front of him, but no pushing up yet. in time i'm sure.

making him giggle by tickling his stomach is so funny because he wants to laugh but ends up holding his breath instead. :) he is probably around 16 pounds now and still fits into some 3-6 (larger) clothing, and the 9 month is a little baggy. but momma still puts him in them because she can't help but play dress up with all the "new" clothing sizes. every time the DSLR camera or the cell phone is pointed towards him, he looks right at it and smiles. it's so fun, hope it stays that way as he gets older. makes for getting photos a lot easier. slowly he is beginning to realize Harlee and watches her intently as she brings her toys close to him to play with.

it's crazy how he is closer to a one year old than a newborn now. hard to remember that little 3 pounder anymore with this chunker. soon he will be rolling all over the place, keeping him in one spot is going to be difficult. hopefully his daddy will be home by then! :)


  1. I love seeing his pictures, he is just too cute! Happy 7 months, baby boy! And mama too.

  2. Happy 7 months precious boy. He is adorable!

  3. How is this sweet boy 7 months old already!? Time is flying! He's the cutest little dude!

  4. UGH so big but so handsome. How are you doing?! Daddy close to coming home??

  5. So adorable!! He's growing up so fast!

  6. So cute! He is getting so big!