November 26, 2014

eight months

we have a total ham on our hands now. he loves to babble, and there are lots of "mmm's" and "bbbb's" going on. i'm hoping for a "momma" first word, fingers crossed. it's so fun to see him practice talking. we have currently moved up to 12 month clothing, some 9 months still linger.

7:00 is still bedtime, sometimes we try to make it to 8:00 but it isn't pretty. he's up around 6:00/6:30 in his crib, just talking way and sucking on his pj footie bottoms. he has become quite flexible lately, and not to mention someone is sitting up unassisted for a minute or so. he doesn't roll around much, but loves to go from his back to his belly. thankfully he is still in the same general area when i come back to check on him. no signs of crawling have been made, and mom is okay with that!

probably up to 17lbs now and getting quite heavy to hold onto for longer periods of time. he does love his walker and knows how to push himself backwards, and is starting to stand for longer in it and lean forward. only a matter of time until he figures out how to move forward.

we have started swimming lessons, more like getting him used to the water, and boy is this kid a fish! he loves to splash his hand in the water, getting his entire face wet (doesn't bother him) and kicks non-stop in the pool. water baby just like his daddy. he continues to have solids morning and night and there hasn't been anything he truly doesn't like and spits out. lets hope it stays that way!

whenever he sees a mirror, he reaches out his hand and loves to hit the glass and see his reflection. it's a morning must now. ha ha. he doesn't cry when strangers hold him, but he does stare them down for a minute or two checking them out. naps at least three times a day, and sleeps so much longer on mom & dad's bed for some reason. he loves to watch Harlee and reaches out for her every time she comes by. soon those two will be inseparable, i have a feeling. happy eight months kido.

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  1. Asa has gotten super flexible recently too!! It's crazy to see them stick that toe in their mouth!! And changing him is a work out now that he can roll. Hopefully B doesn't give you as much of a struggle as Mr. Asa does!!