November 10, 2014

what is in my bag

i have come a long way in 7 months. i went from packing a diaper bag full of anything and everything baby might need, weighing almost three times his weight. granted he was 5lbs then. slowly but surely i grew confident and started to carry less and less when we did errands. here's where i am at now and i couldn't be prouder of myself. i've never been a big gaudy purse sort of lady, and when my eye's caught this cute little Fossil clutch last year. yup that will work, and it still has!

so here is what i carry around on a daily basis, because (1) baby goes anywhere i go, guess there is a plus to being a temp-single parent (2) we started the solids adventure and (3) i work two jobs, one including my photography business.

1-wipes. the shea butter wipes from Target's UP&UP brand can make any dirty bum smell deliciously clean. if that is even possible?
2-diapers.  i adore the Seventh Generation ones, simple and no graphics.
3-bag:ThirtyOne. my husband's love for Burt's Bees runs deep and he insisted baby start the same. also include the miracle of teething tablets, because his first toofer popped through last week.
3-snack. we have ventured into solids for the last month, and little man loves it. i carry around a serving for him just in case.
4-the goods. anytime this kid sees his bottle within a 10 foot radius, he wants it. right now. so i make sure to have one measured and ready for him.
5-toy. the cutest little cow you ever did see!
6-my clutch. if i didn't have the babe, this is all i would be carrying. i'm simple type of gal when it comes to fashion.
7-diaper bag. found this adorable backpack at Walmart of all places and it's worked wonders for me.
8-planner. writing things down daily help me keep my sanity. my to-do lists longer. and my days shorter.
9-mama's snack. sometimes it's possible for me to forget to eat, and i'm starving when i do.
10-my lifeline. to my husband. to my business. to my friends. and to you blog readers! confession: i'd die without Instagram & FaceTime now.

my trends for the fall, stick to neutrals. browns & tans. you can't go wrong. i'm the type of mom that who now just carries the essentials, because lets face it: i've got a 16lb baby to lug around now and add the carseat to that weight too. for some moms, they may carrying everything but the kitchen sink with them. i like to keep those items ready & available in the car instead. to those mom's who need a little insight to what handbag works best for you, check out Rue La La's Handbag and Purse Style Guide. I'd love to know what bag works best for you and your little(s). seeing what's in your bag posts, always interest me. guess i'm a bit nosey. but come on now, who isn't?


  1. Oh my goodness when I have a baby they need that cow - if only it was black ;-)

  2. I loveeeee that bag! And I was the same way with over packing and now? I only carry wipes, diapers and sometimes snacks haha everything changes with the second kid!

  3. That cow is freaking cute! I know that I will start off carrying way too much because that's how my purse is haha. Hopefully after awhile, I can get it weaned down to the essentials too! I love seeing what other people pack though to get an idea of what I might want to have in mine.