June 15, 2011

Wedding Progress

So I’ve done a little wedding progress in the past couple weeks. I actually need to get my butt in gear. Not much time left!  The fiancé and I have been hard at work doing our wedding favors. Let’s just say it involves wood & some burning. :)

My wedding invites are currently being printed at a local printer.  It’s only costing me $1.00 a piece for the paper, printing (double sided), folding and perforated line to send the response card back.

I really love them. They aren’t “traditional” wedding invites, but they fit us to a tee. :)  This is a glimpse of what it looks like! Can’t wait to see the actual printed samples this weekend!!

Also as most already know, I love thrifting.  And I found these beauties to be our cake topper. Only a buck a piece. Couldn’t pass them up!

Countdown: Only two months away. Less then 60 days.  Those 6/7 weeks are going to come so fast! :)

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