July 20, 2011

[Wedding] Accessories & Growing [Garden]

The fiancé had the wonderful idea to go for a run in 90+ heat today after 9.5+ hours of work. Lets say I was more then “thrilled”.

The soon-to-be mother-in-law & I tried to get the garden somewhat under control after dinner, since the weeds & thistles decided to take over almost completely.  My sunflowers are coming up fast! I’m so excited!

After all that sweat & dirt, I tried to relax a bit, after showering of course.  I worked on my wedding veil.  I found a ton of tulle at Goodwill for $1.99 and the hair comb at Hobby Lobby 2 for $1.99.  Pretty decent price for making my own veil, I’m proud to say! :)  I cut the tulle and attached it to the comb already.

I also tried my hand at making some hair accessories for the big day.  This is what I’ve done so far, I want to sew in some pearls as well.  Gives it that rustic look, themed perfectly to match the rest of our wedding.

I'll hopefully have pictures of the veil up soon! :)

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