July 15, 2011

Fourth, Stories & Stuff

 Hi Blog World-

Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit on trying to blog.  The wedding stress has finally begun to bubble up a bit.

Had a wonderful Fourth weekend.  Spent most of the days tubing down the river, camping in a tent, and finally getting that golden-tan base that I’ve been needing this summer!  Also spurged on a pair of these babies:

They worked perfect for getting in and out of the river tubing. Like your generic water shoes meets Batman. Kinda. :)

The soon-to-be niece came up this past weekend and it’s always fun to see how she’s been growing.  Her vocabulary is expanding, and bedtime stories are always a “must”. :)

Also besides the wedding planning, we are currently moving all of our “stuff” into a storage unit.  I somehow managed to take the fiancé's truck and shove all of my belongings into it.  Only lost one bin cover on the free way.

It’s crunch time for the wedding, only a couple weeks away! Eek! There is a lot of knit-picky things that just need to get scheduled out and such.  Here’s hoping I’ll have enough time, between our college friend’s wedding and my bachelorette party weekends. :)

Thanks for tunin’ in.

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