August 23, 2011

Our First [Apartment]

Graduated College: check.
Engaged: check.
Wedding: check.
Official Last Name Change: check.

I thought this would have been checked off somewhere after college and marriage, but it turns out that's not how it played out.  So a week after our wedding, we decided to start the search. This past Sunday we took a tour, and the landlord asked us if we wanted to sign the lease not even an hour later.  We jumped on this opportunity!

And I'm glad to say that we now have our first official apartment! We started moving in the same day we signed the papers.

Here are just some pics of what it looks like. Granted we haven't had the chance to bring in any of our big furniture yet. 


 enterance progress
 living room
 office (aka craft/sewing room) and doorway to bathroom
bedroom with built-in closet space

Every room, except for the bathroom (a bit weird, I know) has hardwood floors. Tons of storage space. Can't wait to get in and decorate! :)

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