November 23, 2011

Wedding [Flowers]

I promised I'd share with everyone my wedding that took place earlier this summer.

So I'll start off with the little details, because honestly those are the important and sometimes overlooked.

I knew right away that I wanted to have some sort of wildflower or sunflower because they are my favorite! I thought long and hard about actually growing my own and picking them for the wedding. Cost savings? Yes. But actually knowing for sure if they'll grow and be ready? Uneasy.

So I went with a family friend who owns he's own business in a small/local town. I couldn't be more happier with the way they turned out. 

Here is my bouquet, costed around $65.00 but so worth it! It had 6 large double sunflowers (had a more rough/rustic look then normal sunflowers) and berries. My bridesmaids had a collection of three large sunflowers, to match mine.

For the groom and groomsmen, my husband wore his Dress Blues and is not allowed to pin anything to them. For the groomsmen, I went with the same berries that were in my bouquet with greenery backing. I didn't want something traditional, and definitely not ROSES. They just are not my style.

I believe we budgeted around $500 for all of the flowers. We tried to keep the costs down by not having any for our ceremony and reception.  I had other ideas up my sleeve for them! The costs just went to the bridal party and immediate family/important members of the wedding ceremony.

1-bride bouquet ($65)
5-bridesmaid bouquets ($15e)
14-wrist boutonnieres for females ($15e)
5-groomsmen boutonnieres ($10e)
8-boutonnieres for males ($10e)
*no set up or travel fee, I went to pick them up the morning of.
Total Cost: $480.00

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