November 23, 2011

Wedding [Dress]

The. Wedding. Dress.

I took a couple people along when I went dress shopping for my wedding dress. My mother-in-law, my bridesmaids, my sister (aka maid of honor), my mother, etc. You get the point, I visited a lot of stores. And just any other clothing shopping trip for me, I visit a lot before I know for sure I'm getting the best price.

Since I had to afford the dress on my own, I went practical, and it fit me well. The price of the dress was $500.00. I researched online and talked to the bridal store I found it at. They offered if all of my bridesmaids were to get their dresses at their shop, they'd take off $100.00. DEAL! SOLD!

I purchased a Mori Lee design year: 2009 I believe. It's extremely simple in the fact that there is no beading, nothing. Just a Sweetheart neckline and "pick-ups" as they called it. Purchased it for $399.99 + $70.00 for a family-friend to hem.

Here are some pictures of my dress that day:

Just as I am putting on my dress before the ceremony the clasp on the back came off. I did some mending, on site, in my dress already. It was not going anywhere the rest of the night! :)

I created my own hair piece and veil for my wedding. Spent a total of $4.00 on materials and my hands did the rest. I'm sure I'll upload a tutorial at some point in time.  But lets be realistic, who really wants to spend $100 on a veil that's only worn during the ceremony (at least of me). 

The dress didn't quite cooperate with my sisters and I as we tried to bustle it up for the reception. My photographer had to actually put down the camera and help as well. There was a lot of train to keep up. :)

OF COURSE I DID! I went the most practical way any bride should: CONVERSE CUSTOM SHOES! These worked perfect for when we were outside shooting formal pictures and such. They were off the second we got into the reception as well. Barefoot for the entire night! My feet surprisingly did not hurt one bit the next morning, even after a whole night of dancing!

I actually went barefoot for the entire ceremony as well! I was so afraid of passing out and such, that I just had to be comfortable. Barefoot is at my most comfortable. :)

The wedding dress is the most important factor to some brides, but to be honest with wedding dress was not.  While I did really enjoy my dress, I like the fact that I didn't spend 3 Grand on it and I was comfortable in it all day long. That's perfect enough if you ask me! :)

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  1. Yea I can't imagine people spending $2,000 or more on a dress. Carly picked her dress out a few weeks ago and I believe she got hers for 600ish after hemming.

  2. I did the same as you... shopped the sales. I wish I would have done my own alterations, but eh not a big deal. If Derek and I ever have a renewal, I will either reuse my dress in some way or make one for myself because when you can buy a pattern for 1.99 and fabric for a wedding dress for less than 100, who can go wrong!

  3. I love the Converse! What a great idea!

  4. WOWSERS! haha
    and I thought I got my dress for a steal!!

    love the converse!

  5. What a fabulous, creative and adorable idea! LOVE this!

  6. love all the ruffles! yay for bare feet...totally the way to go. i know i wanna do it on my wedding day...;)


  7. Those shoes are simply adorable :) and I agree. My dress was really simple. I didn't pay a fortune and I was comfortable all day :)

  8. Realistic and extremely simple this kind of wedding dress and also comfortable to wear. Great post!