December 6, 2011

Ceremony [Decorations]

Our Ceremony took place at Great Hall. It’s a beautiful room: hard wood floors and big bay windows. It was the perfect location to still feel like you were sort of outside, but the comfort of air conditioning for the older family members. 

For decorating we went real simple. We wanted it to be more about us and not take away from that. I bought two large vases from TJ Maxx at $30.00 a piece. I loved them so much, they were the dark red that matched the girls dresses. 

I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some dried arrangements for a more natural-feel and placed them into each jar, giving the vases more height.  Each guest had to pass through them to get to their seats.

The “alter” was a table we took from a different room, placed a sheet on top to give it a more completed look. Place the two “mother” candles and our unity candle in the middle. I got all three candles from Hobby lobby, 50% off. The two smaller candles were $4.00 and the large unity candle was $9.00. I loved them because they had a natural look to them as well.


I put a collection of various size blue mason jars on top of the piano that was in the front left corner, that I picked up from a local thrift store for $3.00 for all.  When guests first walked in, they got a taste of what the reception decorations would be like along with a one-piece handout of the ceremony program. Created by yours truly, and matched closely to our wedding invites! :) It only cost me the price of the Kraft-colored cardstock to create them: $8.00 for a total of 350+ Each 8.5”x11” paper was cut in half and printed double side. I was able to print them for free.

Overall I believe we paid less then $1000 for everything. Which included the space itself (and the microphone & piano rental), the decorations, programs, and gifts for the Pianist and Chaplin.

I don’t regret a single thing and I wish (in a heartbeat) that I could do it all over again. Each and every day! :)

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  1. Your wedding decor is fabulous! I'm from WI too and wanted to have our reception in the Great Hall! Small world! Gorgous!