December 11, 2011

[Second Round] of Cake Pops

So one of my college friends saw a picture I put up of my first Snowmen Cake Pops. See the link: here. She asked me if I could help her make some for her daughters birthday. Of course I couldn't say no, they are just so stinkin' cute and fun to make.  Here's a brief tutorial through pictures:

I found this idea on pinterest.  You put a piece of bread over the cake, let it sit over night. The bread will be hard as a rock, but you cake will still be moist! It worked awesome!

So you take your cake, crumble it to pieces. Yes I know it seems so cruel, but then you add a little less then a tub of frosting to the cake. So it's got the consistancy of a play dough kinda. We formed them like the picture above.

Let them sit in the refrigerator for about an hour, just so they harden a bit.

Start to melt your chocolate. I use "ivory bark" from Fleet farm, it's only $1.50 a package and works like a charm! :) I use a little crock pot and it works perfect to keep the bark melted perfectly for dipping.

We dipped the end of the stick into the bark and put it into the bottom of the snowmen, so it held it together better.  Let the bark harden.

Then you dip the rest of the snowmen into the bark. This was my friend's first attempt, it didn't work out quite well, but she definitely got the hang of it! :)

Our only casualty..SNOWMEN DOWN! He still was delicious to eat though.

Once all the snowmen were dipped, we let them harden outside. It was COLD out and didn't take long for them settle.

We made over 80+ of them, start to finish, all in one afternoon.

Even had some extra bark left over, so we started to dip pretzel sticks. My fried had an idea of putting rice crispies in them too, they were delicious!

Overall I think we did a great job on them and they were adorable.  But the birthday girl beats out everything on a cute-ness level! :)

 **her tutu was hand-made by her momma. It was adorable! 


  1. oh my gosh, she is precious, those snowmen are precious!! what a great little party treat!!
    xo TJ

  2. Your cake pops are so cute, a friend and I tried to make some for Easter the past year and it was a major failure.

  3. The cake pops are sooo cute! You are so creative!