December 11, 2011

[Hand-made] Christmas Stockings

So my husband and I don't have much for Christmas decorations. I went out and bought two rustic star stocking hangers from Hobby Lobby one day. They fit our decorating styles perfectly.

They looked so lonely, so on Friday I had the urge to just sew Christmas Stockings for each of us.  Here is a brief tutorial through pictures:

I found this fabric at a thrift store for $1.00. I loved the pattern so much, I wanted to use it on something good and this was just the project!

I taped together some old magazine pages, and drew with permanent marker the outline of what I wanted the stockings to look like. Make sure you draw at least an inch BIGGER then what you want it.

Cut out the outline, and place it onto the fabric. Make sure your fabric is folded in half. So you cut out TWO stockings in one!

I outlined it in permanent marker, and lightly pinned the two fabrics together before I cut it out.

Here are the two stockings, cut out.

Time to start sewing! Match the front and the back of the stocking together.

Re-pin them, so they don't move.

Sew about a 1/2 inch into the stocking, like the picture above.

An in-the-action shot of sewing the stocking.

Here is the is what one of the stockings look like (in-side out) after sewing.

Flip it (in-side out) and iron down the edges.

I had an old pillow case, that match perfectly with the stockings.

So I cut the edging of the pillow.

I kept the edging all in one piece.

I flipped the stocking inside out again, and then pinned the edging down (with the outside touching). Sew around all of the top of the stocking.

Then once you've sewn around all of the top, sew the two edges together. Make sure you don't sew to the actual stocking part.

I cut out two extra tabs of the edging and used it for the hanger.

Sewed it to the stocking part, and not the edging because it didn't want it to be shown.

It was a bit difficult to do, but it worked. Next time if I make these, I may sew these on before I sew the edging.

My finish products! :)

I set them up for a photography shoot on pretty on our "fireplace". They are quite lovely, and I'm very proud how great my first stockings turned out!

Has anyone else made their own stockings this year for Christmas? I'd love to hear/see how they went!


  1. Thanks for the comment, love! Glad you found us. Love love the name of your blog and these stocking are amazing.


  2. These are amazing! Seriously, I've been searching for the perfect stockings and I think I may have just found them. Your tutorial makes all the steps so easy and clear. Thanks for posting!

  3. This is awesome! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Those stockings look great!! nice job!

  5. Love the stockings they turned out great. The hubbs keeps asking what I want for Christmas I think I might ask for a sewing machine. Do you use yours alot???

  6. AHHH I wanna learn how to sew!!
    My mom is really good at it, but I just have never tried!
    Your tutorial is great, makes me feel like I could do it myself!